Gem of the Week: Katie Bullen

1654276_10203239687898842_170322447_nMeet our Gemstone of the Week: Katie Bullen, Associate Director!

Question and Answer with Our #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Katie Bullen of Annapolis, Maryland.

Tell us a little bit about your Stella & Dot experience:
I became a Stella & Dot Stylist about 4 1/2 years ago after attending a trunk show. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was really looking for something to call my own and something that could help bring joy to my own personal life.
I love Stella & Dot because I can still stay home with my 4 kids and be a great mom and wife, but I have something of my own that I am proud of and brings joy to my life along with a second income for my family!

How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?
20 hrs. 1 – 2 trunk shows a week (4-6hrs), and approximately 15 hours doing paper work, networking, coaching, etc!

What was your initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Now, what is your goal and why?
Just to make a few hundred dollars a month for fun spending money and to help pay some school bills for my kids.
My goal now is to bring in a 6-figure salary to help pay for private school for my kids and also to help my family travel.
Vacationing is my favorite thing to do- I enjoy being able to book vacations for all 6 of us without feeling guilty that I am breaking the bank!

What do you currently make on average monthly? How do your commissions contribute to your monthly expenses/financial needs?
On average, I make approximately $5,000 a month. So $60,000 a year, (which continues to grow each year), has helped my family be able to go on various vacations, and live life with more financial freedom!

Tell us about you or a few things about your life outside of Stella & Dot (hobbies, career, family, etc.).
I am a wife to Charles for over 10 years now and mother to 4 kids (Jake 9yrs., Lacey 8yrs., Chase 7yrs., and Brody 6yrs.) We live in Annapolis, Maryland. I love being able to stay home with my kids, volunteer at their school, and maintain my ousehold in a calm orderly fashion all while having a fun fulfilling job with Stella & Dot. We spend a lot of time on sports fields with our kids and I love not having to miss any of it!

Tell us what brings you #SDJoy from your Stella & Dot business.
My favorite part of my Stella & Dot business is trunk shows.
There is no better feeling than helping women accessorize their own wardrobe, shop for gifts and enjoy some much needed girl time over a glass of wine!!! After a stressful day for most women- I am a face that helps them relax and take time for themselves!!!!

Gem of the Week: Nicole Hensch

Meet our Gemstone of the Week: Star Stylist Nicole Hensch!

Question and Answer with Our #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Nicole Hensch of Grand Rapids, Michigan!

Tell us a little bit about your Stella & Dot experience:
I fell in love with the Renegade bracelet and On the Mark necklace 3 years ago (STILL must haves!) and started researching the company. I signed up after extensive research and never looked back! Not only did I want everything at a discount (or free!) I was impressed by Home Office and Blythe Harris’ design resume. I love the corporate culture and they truly set you up for success if you’re willing to put in some positivity and motivation.

How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?
I spend 5 hours outside of Trunk shows per week. My schedule allows only one Trunk Show per week- sometimes 2. So, 7-10 hours per week.

What was your initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Now, what is your goal and why?
My original goal was nothing, just to never pay money for my accessory addiction! In the last year, I replaced my main income and enjoy making at least $1,500 per month. My Stella & Dot income covers my car payment, yoga retreats, and anything “extra” on top of rent/utilities. (Oh — and I LOVE the free accessories!!)

Tell us about you or a few things about your life outside of Stella & Dot (hobbies, career, family, etc.).
I’m a yoga teacher outside of Stella & Dot and love having a fairly flexible schedule. I’ve been practicing yoga for 10 years and would have never been able to leave a full time job to teach yoga without my Stella & Dot job. I have a supportive boyfriend & we recently adopted a dog that doesn’t mind modeling statement necklaces!

Tell us what brings you #SDJoy from your Stella & Dot business.
I LOVE meeting new women and the friendships Stella & Dot has brought me.. And I know this company is just getting started. Every time I hop in a car after a Trunk Show, I think “I get paid to do this!?”

Gem of the Week: Lindsay Haygood

Meet our Gemstone of the Week: Star Stylist Lindsay Haygood!

Question and Answer with Our #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Lindsay Haygood, of Hitchcock, Texas!

Tell us a little bit about your Stella & Dot experience:
I found Stella & Dot in the summer of 2009 at a trunk show. It wasn’t until the spring of 2010 while working full time, contemplating grad school and planning my wedding that I somehow thought I needed something else to do and joined as a stylist. It began as a very part time gig that made great extra spending money for shopping, date nights, weekend trips, etc. When I decided to really pursue grad school I started booking an extra show a month to pay for it so that I wouldn’t have to take out any student loans. In August of 2012, I left my full time career to be able to spend more time with my son and family. What a blessing it is to have Stella & Dot and be able to schedule my own flexible work hours! I love that I am now a full time stylist!

Approximately how many hours per week do you invest in your Stella & Dot business?
15-20 hours

What was your initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Now, what is your goal and why?
When I began it was really just about making a couple extra hundred dollars that I could spend on whatever I want. Now…my financial goal looks much different since S&D is my full time gig. I have a great team of stylists so with my team and myself my financial goal is $3000 a month. 75% of this I spend on bills and not so fun things, but 25% I spend on fun things!

Tell us about you or a few things about your life outside of Stella & Dot (hobbies, career, family, etc.).
Outside of Stella & Dot I am a mommy of a fantastic little boy and wife to an amazing man! We do so much together! I am also a dancer so you many find me teaching the occasional dance class or working with area high school drill teams or even judging dance contests.

Brings #SDJoy: Tell us what brings you #SDJoy from your Stella & Dot business.
I love that my “job” is focused around positive relationships with people. Whether a guest at my show, a hostess, or a team member…my days are filled with building women up which I think is truly amazing!


Stylist Story: Katrina Shreffler

KShreffler headshotMeet the Gemstones’ Senior Stylist Katrina Shreffler from Norfolk, United Kingdom. Katrina launched her Stella & Dot business in July 2013.

What is your “why”? After ending a promising but demanding career in Corporate Communications shortly after being diagnosed with M.E., I felt lost: my strategic and social brain was constantly in fifth gear, but my body couldn’t keep up – and no matter how creatively I looked at it, there wasn’t a ‘regular’ role I could commit to with my unpredictable health, in addition to the demands of raising two young children, project managing a complete home renovation and the logistics involved when my partner was away from home with work. When I attended my mum’s Stella & Dot Trunk Show, I literally had that ‘light bulb’ moment. I loved the jewels, the brand, the marketing – and the ease and fun atmosphere of this social selling model. I wanted in immediately! It offers me total flexibility, with no targets other than those I set myself, giving me total freedom to earn as and when it works for me and most importantly, completely alleviating the pressure of expectations on my performance that would come with being an ‘employee’. Since July, I’ve grown a team of 13 Stylists and am working on a sustainable path to Star and beyond. I’m learning how to pace my business around my health and family, and I’m thriving on the camaraderie and support in the Stela & Dot community – like nothing I’ve ever experienced in a corporate role.

What is your favorite pieces in the collection? I absolutely adore my Pegasus. It’s stunning in every sense – from the details in the design, to the materials and craftsmanship, to the way it looks and feels on. Whether I’m wearing it casually to dress up my favourite jeans and t-shirt, or to complement a strapless gown, I feel radiant and majestic in this statement (which is probably why I have it in both Silver and Gold!)

Please share your top tip(s) for booking, selling and/or sponsoring. Remember booking, selling and sponsoring are part of a continuous cycle… so be continuous in your activity. Make it a daily habit to reach out to Book, Sell and Sponsor rather than ask ‘some’ and wait to see if those eggs will hatch! It’s a flexi business so it’s a flexi process, which means Hostesses will dip in and out, you will sell and you will have returns, and some of your Stylists will be active, some won’t. Keep driving forward in the direction you choose, and accept the traffic lights as they come :-) The longer you remain in constant motion about the “Book, Sell and Sponsor” principles, the closer you become to reaching and passing your goals.

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Stylist Profile: Tysh Mefferd, Diamond Director



Wednesday is the final day of the April New Stylist Sign Up Special – get $450 in FREE accessories when you sign up for $199! I wanted to share my story with you all… if this resonates with you, or someone you know, don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Read more about being a Stella & Dot Stylist here.

My profile: Tysh Mefferd
Start date: October, 2008
Career level: Diamond Director
Stats: I spent 12 years in Corporate America and after having my first child, I knew I wanted to continue working but flexibly around my own schedule. So, in 1999 I started a small business in the wedding industry while still working full time. Two years later, I was able to leave my corporate career and concentrate full time on my budding wedding business. I had great success…building it to be very successful in the Houston area BUT the problem was I was working 24/7 and there were no signs of slowing down. In September, 2008 Hurricane Ike hit the Texas/Louisiana coast and our economy was greatly affected by the aftermath. We had 3 children, a new master bedroom addition to pay for and my boys were in occupational therapy to the tune of $1500/month and insurance wasn’t covering. I was introduced to Stella & Dot by a friend…and my first thought was, “if this could supplement my business while I get it back on it’s feet and I can earn about $3K/month, this will cover the 2 BIG expenses we embarked upon before the hurricane hit. I started doing trunk shows…was having a complete BLAST at what I referred to as my guiltless girl’s night out AND was falling in love with everything Stella & Dot. A few months in…I had the opportunity to meet our CEO, Jessica Herrin, and she talked about her vision of the company and our mission to give every woman the means to thrive in her life through flexible entrepreneurship. As I sat in that room of talented, fun women…I knew I had 2 choices…I can watch this company grow that is going to change the business platform for women, OR become a part of the growth. I chose to become a part of the growth…took steps to close my small business and got busy doing as many trunk shows as my schedule would allow AND helping those along the way go out and build their own Stella & Dot business! I always remind others..I was that gal that never went to “home shopping parties” but definitely would have never considered selling something through a home party. I’m proud to say I’m a Stella & Dot stylist as this company is truly SO different. Stella & Dot is a future billion dollar global fashion brand in the making…and our accessories are sold through independent stylists in a setting where customers can play with and try on while getting style tips from their own personal stylist. I LOVE the jewelry and handbags BUT for me, it’s about so much more than that! I’m in love with the opportunity to help others build their own business on their own terms…but with the support of the best home office team on the planet. This is what gets me out of bed every morning and why I LOVE going to work every day . As far as how it’s changed our life, my husband left his position as General Counsel of a software company to join our exploding sales organization. We both work from home now…and when we don’t have our S & D hats on, we are running our 3 busy kids around. It’s always uncomfortable for me to talk about our earnings as I almost feel it might not be believable…unless you were living it. But then I remind myself…this is why I love this business model. There is NO glass ceiling..and the business model works when you work it. We now have a sales team of over 5000 stylists in 5 countries. We work hard BUT play hard as well . We are teaching our children so much about business, entrepreneurship AND following your dreams…truly Anything is Possible if you are willing to work for it! Yep, I’d say it’s my Dream Job and the exciting part is we’ve styled less than 1% of our market population! We are just starting…our future is VERY bright!