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Rookie on the Rise: Gwen Phillips

Meet Our Team Gemstone Rookie on the Rise: Gwen Phillips

Question and answer with our #SDGemstones Rookie on the Rise, Gwen Phillips of Perkiomenville, PA. In less than two months of launching with Stella & Dot, Gwen has rocked her business, sold more than $5,000, shared the opportunity — and DOUBLE promoted to become an Associate Stylist! Way to go, Gwen!

1. Who are you (Share your background, a little about yourself, and what you do.)
My name is Gwen Phillips and I am 34 years old. I am married to my best friend and we have 2 children, Jacob and Corey. I am a full time police officer and have been in law enforcement for over 10 years. I have a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology. I love being a police officer and it is a huge part of who I am today. In my spare time I like to attend CrossFit classes (Go Rage!), run and help people style their lives with Stella & Dot.

2. Why were you looking for the opportunity?
The funny thing is…I wasn’t looking! My sponsor, Heather Wickersham, came to my house to host a party. She planted the seed about joining as a stylist and I quickly dismissed her. After a few months of enjoying my jewelry and seeing how much fun she had, I decided to take the January Jumpstart challenge. I figured worst case scenario I got $450 in product for $199. Best case scenario I earned my $199 back and had some extra spending money. It was a win-win

3. What results are you hoping to see? How have you been achieving your success?
So far the results have been amazing! I have booked several shows, in person and online. I have expanded my team and strive to create a strong group of women to work with. I hope to see long term growth in the coming months and of course, success!

4. What excited you the most?
I love a good challenge. I have always set lofty goals for myself. I have completed an Ironman, completed grad school while working a full time patrol job, and trained for numerous half marathons. This business opportunity seemed like something that I could achieve.

6. What are you most excited about accomplishing? Or what goals have you set for yourself?
My initial goal was to earn back my $199 in my jumpstart. Once that was achieved, I set the goal of signing on a team member. Then I set my goal at Associate Stylist, now Senior Stylist. I am never satisfied with mediocre. I ALWAYS push for the next best.

7. What will this business do for you/your family?
My initial goal was to earn back my $199 in my Jumpstart. Once that was achieved, I set the goal of signing on a team member. Then I set my goal at associate stylist, now senior stylist. I am never satisfied with mediocre. I ALWAYS push for the next best.

8. What advice would you like to give to new stylists just beginning their career with Stella & Dot?
Maximize your Jumpstart! Contact everyone you know. Don’t be discouraged by “No”! You need to love your business and demonstrate that passion to others. You can’t expect others to believe in you, unless you believe in yourself!

9. How much product have you sold in your Jumpstart? How have you been able to sell so much?
I have sold $5,346.3, so far. Book trunk shows any way possible! Online, catalog parties and in-home. 90% of my income is from online parties!

10. Why did you choose to share the opportunity with a friend? Why would you encourage a new stylist to sponsor in their jumpstart?
I decided to sponsor 2 of my friends because they needed a change in their finances. I was having such great success and I knew they could experience the same. Don’t be afraid to sponsor right away! You don’t need to know everything about Stella & Dot to sponsor a stylist. Rely on your upline to help you coach and use the lounge for tips/tools. Grow and learn together as a team!

11. How much free jewelry and accessories have you received, yet?!
To date I have received $911 in product credit, but that does not count my $500 associate stylist bonus or my $300 sponsoring bonus! <3

Love Gwen as much we do? Contact her!
Gwen Phillips
Associate Stylist
(p) (215) 266 – 7551