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Question and answer with  #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Tabnie Dozier from Louisville, KY!untitled-design-9

1. Tell us a little about yourself… gemstone of the weekMy full time gig is in Louisville, KY where I work as a TV News Anchor and Reporter. I work weekends, holidays and all crazy hours but have been dreaming of being a journalist since I was nine years old. I have a younger brother, great parents and a wonderful boyfriend, even in our toughest times we can all say thank you.

2. How did you find Stella & Dot?
I knew about the brand because the TODAY Show and Good Morning America Anchors rock it regularly. Then a former TV Anchor, threw the idea of me hosting a show in Evansville, IN and I loved being spoiled with free and half off jewelry.

3. What intrigued you most about Stella & Dot and why did you decide to join?
I loved the flexibility of Stella and Dot as I learned more about it, no quotas, no minimums and it could work around a crazy news schedule that runs my life. I initially joined for the extra cash and free jewelry so I could rock it all on air but had no idea of the growth it would provide me financially and more importantly as a Entrepreneur! A term I thought would never apply to me.

4. What Stella & Dot accomplishment makes you most proud? Being highlighted during Jessica Herrin’s Keynote Speech at Hoopla in Vegas then meeting her the next day is a huge moment for my career. I told her I wanted to shoot for Star Stylists and she is incredibly supportive and said I can do it!


5. What was your initial goal when you joined Stella & Dot? What results have you seen? Have your goals changed? My initial goal was to earn an extra hundred or two hundred bucks and buy all the statement necklaces for my career as a TV News Anchor. The results have been astounding, I’ve paid off debt, bought me and my mother plane tickets to Jamaica and other huge financial burdens have been lifted that I never even thought of. My goals have changed because now I know that the sky is the limit on the money I can bring it and it’s sooo much fun doing this business with friends and now my goal is STAR before the end of 2017!

6. What has Stella & Dot done for you and/or your family?
From increasing my savings to treating my mother to a Jamaican vacation to taking care of gifts and bills, it’s been a huge bonus for my household and being able to take care of my loved ones.

7. What advice would you give to new stylists starting with Stella & Dot? Talk about Sponsoring. That’s the biggest regret when I signed up, I was so focused on myself and not knowing all the answers that I could have easily talked about this awesome opportunity earlier on. I didn’t sponsor until a year into my business.

8. How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?  When does your business fit into your life? I do a lot on my off days which are Thursdays and Fridays but with my goal of STAR I’m spending about 5 hours a week on my business. S&D fits whenever I want, I do reach outs while driving home from the news, host Style Sessions on my off days and post on my online sessions during the day.

9. Did you have an initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Has that goal changed? Please share.  

My initial goal was a few hundred bucks a month and once I realized how easy that was, my new goal has been lately earning no less than 600 bucks a month.



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10. Tell us what brings you #SDJOY from your Stella & Dot business. The cash is still big for me and that’s a huge plus and the new community of wonderful Boss Babes who layer this business into their lives, I’m always learning.

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11. What do you “love” the most about Stella & Dot?

I love the flexibility and zero pressure. I never feel pressure reaching out because who wouldn’t love free jewelry? I never feel pressure about Sponsoring because who wouldn’t love free jewelry AND cash and I never feel pressure from my team.

12. Can we find you on Social Media?

Facebook: Tab Lynnette

Instagram: @tabstelladot

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Tabnie Dozier

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With fall here you’re probably thinking about ways you can transition into your autumn wardrobe and elevate Style guide blog graphicyour look without breaking the bank. The good news is you don’t need to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe to be fall ready. You can easily transform your look by investing in some key accessories

The must-have collection for fall? The Rebecca Minkoff collection from Stella and Dot of course! This gorgeous collection will totally up level your look for fall with its jewel-toned aesthetic and dainty, feminine elements. It’s the perfect way to revamp your wardrobe without spending hundreds of dollars at the mall.

The entire collection is stunning but there are 3 pieces you have to grab that will totally change your fall style game.





The gold dainty pieces you loved for summer are still going strong. This on-trend piece from the collection is the perfect way to add an interesting element to your outfit. The charms themselves are both bold and ultra-feminine with gorgeous attention to detail. This would be perfect with a striped tee, black moto jacket, black skinny jeans and cute chunky booties. Get the choker here!

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These earrings look like they’re straight out of your favorite vintage boutique. The waterfall detailing is super sassy and eye catching but the neutral color palette makes these beauties a go-to addition to any look. Style them with a top knot, off the shoulder white top, denim skirt and warm knee high boots. Let them steal the show! Shop the earrings here.


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RM image 3For the girl who wants to incorporate more color into her wardrobe without going overboard. The iridescent effect allows you to indulge in some sparkle and jewel tones without feeling gaudy or too bold. The double choker is also so on trend for fall and you essentially get two necklaces for the price of one. The layering trend made easy! I would pair this with a cream colored knitted sweater, high waisted denim and a great pair of comfy heels for a girl’s night out. Get it here!

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Want to check out the entire collection? Click here!

What are your favorite trends for fall? Tell me in the comments!

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