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Meet our Gemstone of the Week: Kasey Murphy, Associate Director

Question and answer with  #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Kasey Murphy, from St. Louis, MO!


1. Tell us a little about yourself… gemstone of the week
I am from a very small town near Champaign, IL and went to school in Southern Illinois for Dental Hygiene and then moved to St. Louis where I met my husband and we have been here for the past 10 years.

2. How did you find Stella & Dot?
My neighbor mentioned her cousin was a Stella & Dot stylist when I said I was looking for a way to earn money for a long maternity leave

3. What intrigued you most about Stella & Dot and why did you decide to join?
unnamed (5)The business model and how modern it was and of course the irresistible accessories!

4. What Stella & Dot accomplishment makes you most proud?
I just recently was asked to be a presenter at Hoopla which is totally blowing my mind right now. I am most proud of this because I have truly been consistent with my business over 4 years and worked at a pace that works for my family and not tried to compare to others.

5. What was your initial goal when you joined Stella & Dot? What results have you seen? Have your goals changed?
To make money to have a longer maternity leave with my second child. I quickly earned what I needed. My goals now include totally eliminating my day job and doing Stella & Dot full time.


6. What has Stella & Dot done for you and/or your family?
I really feel that Stella & Dot has helped my family and I live our best life. Because of my commissions, we can provide an excellent home and a great education for our children. I can be healthier and pay for an expensive gym membership I love and we can travel more which is amazing. The life coaching and inspiration Stella & Dot provides has helped me be a better parent and also to grow as a person. The unnamed (6)friendships I have made with other stylists are incredible!

7. What advice would you give to new stylists starting with Stella & Dot? If you don’t have that funny feeling in your stomach or butterflies then you aren’t getting outside your comfort zone enough. You will build confidence and amaze yourself with what you are capable of by challenging yourself and dreaming big.

8. How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?  When does unnamed (7)your business fit into your life?

10 hours per week on average. I work on my lunch hour and then at night when the kids are in bed and usually 2 hours on Sunday nights.

9. Did you have an initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Has that goal changed? Please share. 
Yes. I wanted to earn $6000 to cover a nice maternity leave. My goal now is 2 to 3 thousand a month

I love seeing stylists on my team find more happiness through Stella & Dot and to see the joy they get by reaching a big goal. The biggest #sdjoy is sharing what we do with others and then seeing them absolutely shine.

11. What do you “love” the most about Stella & Dot?
I love the support. The support of this amazing tribe of stylists, the support of my incredible mentor, the support of our CEO and Executive Team to always make things easier for us and to stay on the cutting Life startsall over againwhen it getscrisp in the fall (5)edge.

12. Can we find you on Social Media?

Facebook: Kasey Weber Murphy

Instagram: @kaseylynnmurphy

13. What are some words you live by?

My Dad is a long time business owner and is very inspiring to me. He has had quite the journey with having no college education and then rising to success and just beat cancer. He taught us that being your own boss lets you find the ultimate success and happiness which is being in control of your own schedule and being there for what matters most his family. This is what Stella & Dot is all about! Being motivated to go after what matters most and lighting your soul on fire in the process.

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Kasey Murphy

Associate Director

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