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Meet our Gemstone of the Week: Lauren Stier, Star Stylist

Question and answer with  #SDGemstones Gem of the Week, Lauren Stier, from Michigan, US!


1. Tell us a little about yourself… gemstone of the week
I’m 27 and have been married since September. 🙂 A lot has happened in the past year and we recently moved across Michigan for job opportunities. I work full time as the Senior Administrative Assistant for a college within the University of Michigan, so Stella & Dot is a nice hobby to have and it’s been a way for me to meet new people in a new area – finding friends as adults is harder than dating!! I have been a stylist for two years and it has been a whirlwind since starting!

2. How did you find Stella & Dot?
Two years ago I found myself in some small credit card debt and wanted to find a way to make money. I used to waitress while working full time and I did NOT want to go back to that because the hours were crazy and you don’t have much control in that industry. My coworker asked me if I had ever heard of S&D and I said no….and when she explained it I was skeptical. I wasn’t an Avon lady or Mary Kay rep and aren’t those unnamed (4)people pushy and sales-y?? But she introduced me to her friend, Nicole Hensch, and I met with her and she answered all my questions and then some! My biggest question was: so what happens if I decide this isn’t for me? Do I have to give the jewelry back? And she said no!! I was sold. 🙂

3. What intrigued you most about Stella & Dot and why did you decide to join?
I was impressed with the commission percentage and the fact that I could keep everything if I decided it wasn’t for me. It seemed low pressure with a positive result. I ran the compensation plan by my dad and husband (boyfriend at the time) and they seemed to approve so I figured why not?? If I tried it and failed, I still ended up with beautiful accessories and if I tried it and succeeded, then I had money to pay my credit card with and maybe I would make some friends!

4. What Stella & Dot accomplishment makes you most proud?

The S&D accomplishment that makes me the proudest is when I hit Star for the first time this past November. It honestly was a team effort so I wasn’t just proud of myself for doing it, I was beyond proud of my small team who hustled with heart to make their own dreams come true that mounnamed (5)nth. I realized that no matter how big or scary the goal is (because hitting Star is crazy!) if you put yourself out there, put the work in, and be genuine, the results will come.

5. What was your initial goal when you joined Stella & Dot? What results have you seen? Have your goals changed?
My initial goal was to make enough money to pay off my credit card. When I paid it off in 3 months, my goals had already changed. I never thought that I would have a team of people – it was never my plan. But to help coach them to their individual goals has been so rewarding. My goal has changed to wanting to save for a house down payment and helping to coach the girls on my team to reach whatever their goals are.


6. What has Stella & Dot done for you and/or your family?
I never thought that I would be sitting here raving about the things Stella & Dot has done for me and my family but here I am. 🙂 Stella & Dot has not only given me an opportunity to help our family out financially, it has given me confidence to stand in front of a group of strangers and come out with friends.

I love making a difference in people’s lives so when these women come into a trunk show after a long day or feeling bad about themselves and leave happier than when they arrived, it’s a success whether they ordered anything or not. I now have a hobby I love and a way to meet new people! Stella & Dot has given me freedom and confidence I didn’t know I needed and has helped me create the best friendships and relationships!
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7. What advice would you give to new stylists starting with Stella & Dot? Dream big and go for it! I hesitated and wasn’t “all in” right from the beginning and I wish I had taken advantage of everything offered to new stylists! The resources and the perks are amazing! I would probably have hit Star so much earlier if I had just jumped into the deep end right away!

Seriously – jump off the deep end right away and you’ll teach yourself to swim. Don’t wade in the shallow end thinking about how cool it looks to swim out deep – just do it and it’ll happen! Also, connect with not only your upline but others on your team. This community is so helpful and everyone wants each other to succeed.

8. How many hours per week do you spend on your Stella & Dot business?  When does your business fit into your life?
I would say I don’t spend more than 5 hours per week. Each month may be different based on what’s going on in my personal life. I love how flexible I can be with my business – if I have huge goals and want to hustle, I hustle and the results follow. If I take it slow during some months because I’m planning a wedding, then I take it slow and there are no penalties. It’s amazing!

9. Did you have an initial financial goal when you started with Stella & Dot? Has that goal changed? Please share. 
Yes – my initial financial goal was to save $3,000 to pay off my credit card. I accomplished that in a few short months. Since then my goal was to pay off my car loan ($5,000) which I did. Then it was to contribute to my wedding, which I did. Then it was to pay for Christmas presents, which I did….then to pay for concert tickets. I’m all about envisioning the best life for you and making vision boards etc. Because of those vision boards, the support I get from my mentor and team, and my ever changing goals, I have been able to reach a goal and create a new one to strive for. Up next: a down payment for our first house!

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10. Tell us what brings you #SDJOY from your Stella & Dot business. My #SDJOY comes from setting goals and hitting them. This can look different each month – financial goal vs. team development goal vs. booking shows. But honestly, hitting your goals is the best feeling in the world. When you can combine your personal goals with bringing joy and laughter to women you just met, the end result is amazing!

11. What do you “love” the most about Stella & Dot?
I love the community most. We are all supporting each other and want the best for each other!

12. Can we find you on Social Media?

Facebook: Lauren Stier

Instagram: @lauren_stier

13. What are some words you live by?

Spread the positive vibes! You get back what you put out into the universe so try to be positive always! Good things will come back to you. 🙂

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Lauren Stier

Star Stylist

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