Our Gemstones Tribe

Our Stella & Dot team, the Gem Fatales Gemstones, has a global leadership team with hundreds of women working their business at many different levels. If you’re chatting with one of our team members about the opportunity, I’m thrilled that you are considering the opportunity! I promise, you’ll have me, along with an entire community, behind you for support and to help you succeed at whatever level you desire.

Meet Our Executive Leadership Team

Sara Clement,
Platinum Director

After working as an event planner in the hospitality industry in Seattle for the past 10 years, I longed for something more flexible and fun than a corporate job. After the birth of my second son, and the decision to become a stay at home mom, we eventually needed a financial solution that would work for our family. After searching for the “perfect” job, I was exhilarated when a friend from high school approached me about STELLA & DOT. It was the perfect job for me where I could choose when and where to work AND have an excuse to plan parties and accessorize. For me, it was a no-brainer. I have now been with the company for just over 6 years, have a team of over 600 women and am loving every minute of it. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself earning a six figure salary selling jewelry – but the lessons I have learned and the joy this job has given me far outweigh the financial rewards! The best part about the job is helping others gain their own financial freedom by starting their own businesses and to find true happiness in life.

Christy Goodman,
Platinum Director

Platinum Director and Founding Leader from Dallas Texas.  Mom of 2 daughters, and wife of 16 years.  My true passion:  helping women believe they can do more than they ever thought possible! I started with Stella & Dot 7 years ago alongside my job as a pharmaceutical representative, in addition to being a business owner with my husband.  Yes, I was busy, but I had always had a desire in me to do something for myself in business.  When I saw the jewelry for the first time, I fell in love with it.  My sisters and I decided to do this together for a little fun, not really knowing what we would make of it, but I knew I would earn back my simple investment, and worse case, have a lot of cute jewelry. I immediately fell in love with the company, the flexibility for my family, and the opportunity to earn more than I was in corporate America.  Six month in, I quit my job and decided to make this my full time/flexible career. I have doubled my income, but now get to be home when the bus arrives every day! I now lead a team of over 800 women in the US and in Europe.  Some are full-time moms, some are full-time employees, and a lot fall somewhere in between.   What I love most…. Helping them make the stylist opportunity exactly what THEY want it to be!

Jeanne Poole,
Platinum Director

I’m a Platinum Director in Annapolis, Maryland. I’ve been married to my husband Rob for 20 years, and we have three awesome daughters, Maddie (18), Hannah (17) & Sophie (12). My sister hosted a trunk show in Houston and ended up with $1500 in hostess rewards! So she shared them with all of the women in our family, and we all fell in love! I was looking to earn a supplemental income but needed to do something that I could easily fit into my schedule. I was immediately drawn to the business model and the idea that I could decide how much I earned based on how many trunk shows I could do. I loved the idea that I could earn $1,000 a month by doing one trunk show a week, which would only require a few hours of time each week. It felt very doable…and it looked like so much fun! I feel so lucky to have a job that doesn’t feel like “work!” I love our mission and the positive impact we make through that every day. And I treasure the friendships I’ve made and the fun that we have!lati

Allison Santano,
Executive Director

I decided to become a Stella & Dot stylist while I was expecting my husband and my first baby, and was a full time pharmaceutical sales rep.  The accessories were adorable, it was fun to get dressed up, and I loved hosting a show!  7 years later, now that I work my business flexibly around my family as a Senior Director, I value flexibility and financial freedom more than ever.  My business not only has given me more income opportunities than my previous job ever would have, but Stella & Dot has taken me on vacations with my husband I would have never been on.  I’ve made some of my best friends on these trips, as well as my husband.  But the best and most meaningful part of the leadership role I’ve taken, is knowing that I am truly helping ladies with something that matters to them, regardless of what they are looking for.  Fun, Friendship, Fashion and Financial Freedom.  It fills my cup knowing I can do that.

Christine Turner,
Platinum Director

Platinum Director and Founding Leader from Atlanta, GA – soon to be Houston, TX!  I started with Stella & Dot almost 7 years ago when I was living in New York City and working in the magazine publishing industry as the Fashion Manager of Glamour, and then SELF.  I was single at the time, and loved that Stella & Dot helped me supplement the cost of New York City living, as well as offered me a glimpse into entrepreneurship (something that I was yearning for to leave the corporate world), and of course fueled my fashion addiction!  I had never done this type of sales before nor been to a trunk show, but gave it a whirl and I’m so glad I did!  Less than a year later I moved down South, and loved that I had S&D to supplement my income until I found another full-time job.  I couldn’t believe that less than 2 years into the business it became my full time job and I didn’t have to have another corporate job again!  I’m now a huge provider to our household income with my husband, enjoying the flexibility it has offered us over the years!  From helping pay for our honeymoon and annual trips (I have a travel bug), to now helping with trying to grow our family, I couldn’t be more blessed to have fallen into this opportunity I knew nothing about when I joined.  I love that I create my own journey, and all of the amazing women and friendships I have encountered on the way!  I now lead a team of over 1200 all across the US and Europe, and love helping every stylist reach their goals and see their full potential.  Nothing warms my heart more than helping women achieve financial and personal levels they never thought were possible!  It’s what gets me up in the morning and excited to do what I do! 🙂

Grace Van Cleave,
Star Director

Grace Van Cleave is the youngest Star Director in the company, leading a team of nearly 300+ stylists worldwide. Before relocating to Des Moines, Iowa in 2010 and building her business from scratch, Grace worked as a political fundraiser in Washington, D.C. for six years. In January 2015, Grace was featured on the CBS television show, “Undercover Boss” where she was the stylist featured on an episode highlighting Stella & Dot. She is a graduate of Kenyon College.

Kelly Wenzel,
Star Director

I am wife and a mother of two kiddos and a Founding Director with Stella & Dot for over 6 years alongside a corporate career as an Enterprise Relationship Manager at LinkedIn. It’s a crazy world but I love how Stella & Dot is such a complement to our life!  Just like many stylists in our company, I attended a trunk show and fell head over heels in love with the product. I have watched this business grow from a hobby to part time to a full time opportunity.  I started this business hoping to earn some free accessories and meet some new friends.  As my husband says, it was the best $199 or trip to Costco I have ever spent.  Honestly, I am so thrilled that this business allows me to truly have it all – a successful personal business, growing team, corporate career, being a mommy and loving wife.

Andonnia Baseley,
Senior Director

Andonnia Baseley
Stella & Dot has always been a fun, flexible and very sparkly sideline for me which has grown into something much bigger whilst still allowing me to run our family business and raise our two beautiful girls who are about to turn 5yrs and 8yrs. Since joining in March 2013, (when I was a senior lecturer in law and hostess who simply wanted a bit more jewelry rather than a budding entrepreneur!) I have had so much fun, highlights being trips to Portugal, Turkey and Dubai with the Stella girls and lots of laughter along the way. I was honored to be presented with the Spirit of Leadership award in 2015 because I love coaching and helping other women to achieve their goals too.

Wendy Jones,
Star Director

Wendy Jones

I’m a Founding Leader and Star Director from Harpenden, near London in the UK. I’ve been happily married for nearly 19 years and have been blessed with 4 lovely children. I found Stella & Dot in October 2011, when my husband passed me an article in The Times newspaper announcing that an exciting new jewelry and accessories company was coming to the UK.

I’d taken a break from my career as a Pharmacist and Training Development Manager so I was excited and interested to see if I could make becoming a Stylist with Stella & Dot my new dream fun and flexible career. I felt I had nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by going for it.

Very quickly, I found I couldn’t imagine life without Stella & Dot – I loved the flexible schedule, jewelry, meeting new people, training and coaching new team members and was delighted to be able to contribute to our family income again! More than anything – I absolutely love helping women (and a few men) across the UK, Germany and Ireland to launch and grow their own fun and flexible Stella & Dot businesses.

Heidi Kuipers,
Star Director

I live just outside of Seattle, in Issaquah, WA with my amazing husband, Joel, and our two beautiful kids, Aiden and Avery. I have been a stylist with Stella & Dot since March 2010. Prior to that, I was Operations Manager for a software & data company, followed by a couple of years at home with my kids. After realizing I was ready to do something to get out of the house and start having grown-up conversations again, I stumbled upon Stella & Dot and it was a perfect fit! I was really drawn to the company because it was essentially a no-risk investment giving me the opportunity to run my own business while still having the flexibility to stay home with my kids. I never saw myself in social sales, but I loved the jewelry and the idea of supplementing my family income on my terms. I have been able to build a business around my family’s schedule and work when and as much as I want in order to achieve my goals. I am so thankful that Stella & Dot has given me a platform to be an entrepreneur and that I have developed amazing friendships along the way. But the most exciting thing for me about this business is sharing the opportunity with others, helping them set some goals and then seeing how happy they are when they reach those goals!

Tessa Wilson,
Senior Director

Mum of four-13, 10 and twins of 8 and married to Ross for 17 years.
I was one of the first stylists to jump on board in the UK four years ago. I joined Stella and Dot purely for fun and had no big ideas for myself with the company at all. I immediately sold a lot and won European Top Seller, but I only sponsored in my second year. I now have a wonderful team of 175 based mainly in the UK and France and I have a couple of ladies in the USA. Last year our small, but hard working team achieved the European Productivity Award.I was previously a small business owner before, with a lot of stress and worry which became unmanageable with four kids under the age of six. This business is heaven in comparison!I have learnt so much over these last four years. I love the fact that every day is different with this company and the energy is always fresh. I feel so grateful for all of the social media skills and training it brings. From the joy of building a team (something I had no experience in at all) to all the adventures it brings-life is never boring with Stella and Dot!


Making History

Our Gemstones tribe celebrated becoming the first-ever “Diamond Team” at Las Vegas’ Hyde Bellagio during Hoopla (Stella & Dot’s annual sales conference) in 2013.

In April 2013, Tysh became the first Diamond Director (the highest career level in Stella & Dot’s compensation plan) in the company’s history!

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