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I’ve Tapped into my Passion while Helping Others to Succeed

My Stella & Dot Story

Today, I’m a “Diamond Director” and a Founding Leader with Stella & Dot, but I’m also mom to three gorgeous kids while being married to my college sweetheart.

It’s hard to believe just a few years ago, in 2008, I was still running my own small business in the busy world of weddings, when a friend turned me on to the razzle-dazzle opportunity Stella & Dot offered.

I never would’ve imagined I’d close down my wedding business in just a year, opting to give my full attention to selling accessories, but it was the obvious thing to do when success came so quickly.

Currently, I lead a team with more than 9,000 stylists generating more than $38 million in 2015 across six countries – the United States, Canada, Ireland, the UK, Germany, and France.

It may be a shock to you, but I still LOVE going to work daily and constantly have a blast styling women through private trunk shows with Stella & Dot’s celebrity-coveted, fashion-press-adored jewelry collection. I have met hundreds of women through my trunk shows who fell in love with Stella & Dot and the idea of having their own fashion business. I love introducing others to this entrepreneurial opportunity, and giving them the coaching and mentoring that helps them achieve their dreams and personal success.

My family watched my happiness grow along with my finances as I found my footing with Stella & Dot. So much so, in fact, that both of my sisters have joined me as a Gemstone! My sisters, Christy Goodman and Ali Santano, were both enjoying great success in corporate roles when they began selling Stella & Dot as a “side” business, but with the volume of success they quickly found, they soon resigned their jobs to focus full-time on Stella & Dot sales. They now earn two to three times what they were earning in the corporate world, but without all the corporate demands, since Stella & Dot allows their careers to be flexible around their family’s schedule.

These days, my sisters and I see each other more often than ever. We help each other, we reach greater success together, and we’d do this journey all over again. Stella & Dot is a perfect business opportunity for friends and family to share.

The Stella & Dot Opportunity

The Stella & Dot opportunity gave my family and me the freedom to create a lifestyle that works best for us.

In fact, even my husband Jonathan has joined my Stella & Dot business. He was a software company’s General Counsel when he saw how my business continued to thrive. He knew exactly what I needed and, with the financial freedom I had achieved, he left his law role to begin a new career with Stella & Dot, where he now runs the operations end of my business. I never could have imagined this opportunity would lead to me working side-by-side with my husband in a way that allowed us both to be more present than ever for our children. We’re there for after-school activities and we enjoy our evenings together as a family.

Beyond giving me better balance with my family and friends, the “little blue Stella & Dot card” has given me the means to replace my wedding industry income, buy the beach house of my dreams, and, of course, allowed my husband to leave his demanding law career.

And to think, all I wanted was to earn a little extra cash during the recession. Wow!

In the years since 2008, when I joined Stella & Dot, these are some of the honors and awards I’ve earned:

  • 2009 Heart of Leadership Award (Given to those who lead by example in personal business)
  • 2009 Top Active Sponsorship Award (For making the Top 10 in recruiting new stylists in North America)
  • 2009 Top Seller Award (Top 10 in total personal sales)
  • 2010 #1 Sponsorship (For being #1 in recruiting new stylists in North America)
  • 2011 Team Sponsorship Award (My team recruited more stylists than any other team in the company)
  • 2012 Team Coaching Success Award (I experienced more promotions within my team than any other leader in the company)
  • 2012 #2 in Qualified Sponsorships (I was #2 in recruiting new stylists in North America)
  • 2012 Team Coaching Awards
  • 2013 First Diamond Director Promotion in Company History
  • 2013 Top Sponsorship Award (Top 10 in recruiting new stylists in North America)
  • 2013 Team Coaching Success Award (Once again, I experienced more promotions within my team than any other leader in the company)
  • 2015 #2 in Qualified Sponsorship Award (I was #2 in recruiting new stylists in North America)

Hear from Tysh as she shares her own Stella & Dot story
Here I am, telling my “Stella & Dot story” in my own words.

In April 2013, Tysh became the first Diamond Director (the highest career level in Stella & Dot’s compensation plan) in the company’s history!
In April, 2013, I was promoted to “Diamond Director”, becoming the first team to reach the highest level of our compensation plan and and therefore making Stella & Dot history. Watch my journey to see how that unfolded.

Watch Tysh Mefferd's Keynote Speech during the 2015 Stella & Dot Hoopla Sales Convention at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada
What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas! Here’s my Keynote Speech during 2015’s Stella & Dot “Hoopla Sales Convention” at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas

What a dream journey you’ve been on with your hard work, your tenacity and your incredible positivity, your willingness to get it done.

Jessica Herrin, Stella & Dot CEO & Founder

You’re an amazing stylist, an inspiring leader and the sister so many of us have never had.

Danielle Redner, Stella & Dot VP & Training
Danielle and Tysh
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